Washington, DC

Bus Shelter Program


Pursuant to a 20-year agreement with the District of Columbia, Clear Channel provides and maintains bus shelters located throughout the City. In addition, through revenue generated and paid to the District from the sale of advertising on the bus shelters, the District has been able to earmark $100 million to finance the Great Streets program to improve and beautify some of the major transportation corridors in the District.

In addition to replacing all of the existing District bus shelters over the next two years with a new design, Clear Channel will provide new bus maps, real-time bus arrival information in cooperation with WMATA, and even a computerized bicycle rental program.  The new program also provides for the maintenance of the Heritage Trail and Directional Sign programs.  The Heritage Trail program is a project of Cultural Tourism DC, www.culturaltourismdc.org.

The District Department of Transportation administers the bus shelter contract and citizen input about the new bus shelter program, including the new design, locations and schedule, was gathered through a series of nine community meetings that were held throughout the City between December 2005 and February 2006. 

This website has been created by Clear Channel to establish a web-based maintenance monitoring and reporting system, which will help citizens communicate their feedback about the new bus shelter program and report issues in the field as they arise, dcshelters@clearchannel.com .